After trawling through Stack Exchange and other forums for a few hours, I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong!

cliclick automates mouse movements on macOS. When running the following command in terminal it runs/works as it's intended to.

cliclick w:750 m:2656,1138 w:750 m:2827,1000

However, I would like to create a .app to avoid running/opening the script in terminal.

When pasting my command into the Automator > Run Shell Script and testing the result is:

cliclick: command not found

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You probably installed cliclick in /usr/local/bin which is not part of the search path the Run Shell Script action uses. To overcome this just specify the full path within the action

/usr/local/bin/cliclick w:750 m:2656,1138 w:750 m:2827,1000

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