So, I'm trying to make a playlist for a party this weekend, and it's horrible. iTunes more often than not shows "in progress" when adding one single song (this shouldn't take longer than 1 second, I recon) and finally, it will just show a ! with "Due to error 11.444".

I can't find anything about this error, and I have quite some songs left to add, so I'm hoping to find a solution here.

Edit: The same seems to sometimes happen whenever I restart iTunes after I can't successfully add a song, but then with "Making your iCloud music library available"

Edit 2: Sometimes it also goes as expected for at least a few songs, only to result in the same "processing" and then ! again.

Here are some screenshots, where I tried to add 2 whole songs to the playlist:

enter image description here enter image description here

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Heb jij al een oplossing gevonden? Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem en kom er ook niet uit. Fijne zondag en hartelijke groet, Dees

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