So, I'm trying to make a playlist for a party this weekend, and it's horrible. iTunes more often than not shows "in progress" when adding one single song (this shouldn't take longer than 1 second, I recon) and finally, it will just show a ! with "Due to error 11.444".

I can't find anything about this error, and I have quite some songs left to add, so I'm hoping to find a solution here.

Edit: The same seems to sometimes happen whenever I restart iTunes after I can't successfully add a song, but then with "Making your iCloud music library available"

Edit 2: Sometimes it also goes as expected for at least a few songs, only to result in the same "processing" and then ! again.

Here are some screenshots, where I tried to add 2 whole songs to the playlist:

enter image description here enter image description here


Heb jij al een oplossing gevonden? Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem en kom er ook niet uit. Fijne zondag en hartelijke groet, Dees

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