In the beginning of 1995, we bought a Macintosh Performa 5200. I remember that after registering the machine, we got a box with some bonus software on CDs. I certainly know that The Daedalus Encounter came with it. This happened in Germany, if that matters.

What else came with this?


Gosh, that's a blast from the past. I had to go digging (deep) in my office!

The Performa 5200 came with a software bundle that included:

  • The Daedalus Encounter
  • Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Myst
  • Mega Rock Rap 'n' Roll
  • Making Music

I'm not sure if there was a difference with models sold in Germany (in fact I didn't think this particular model was ever sold in Germany).

However, other models in the Performa range of that era also came with the Apple Magic Collection. This included:

  • A Lion King animated story book
  • The Aladin Activity Center
  • Toy Story demo CD
  • Yes, I also remember Myst. So, this sounds good! Thanks! – bot47 Apr 26 '17 at 4:07
  • No worries. As an aside, I loved playing Myst. I still have the original box (CD and all). I might just have to start playing it again on one of my old Macs! :) – Monomeeth Apr 26 '17 at 4:09
  • While I don't have any citable source, I'm pretty sure it was sold in Germany. It had 32+8 RAM configuration and a PAL TV receiver. – bot47 Apr 26 '17 at 4:19
  • Feel free to add more appropriate tags to the question. I didn't find one. – bot47 Apr 26 '17 at 4:20

We had a Performa 6300 at that time. In addition to the software already mentioned, it also came with a Notation Software to write music with. I forgot the name though.

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