I've attempted to install iTunes on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit for the first time. I downloaded the latest iTunes64Setup.exe from Apple's website, and the install seemingly completes without error.

However, when I run iTunes, I get the error "A required iTunes component is not installed" with error number 45075, and then iTunes closes.

The install process didn't involve any component selection/deselection, so I'm not sure what caused this. Also, this is a clean install of Windows so I don't imagine existing installs are interfering.

I've tried:

  • repairing the install
  • uninstall/reinstall
  • this advice to uninstall all other Apple components (Bonjour, Quicktime, etc), before reinstalling. However, in my case there are no other existing Apple components that might be interfering.

Any suggestions on a fix?


I found a solution which is a variant on this advice, which suggests extracting the files and installing the components manually in a particular order.

  1. Extract iTunes64Setup.exe (I used 7-zip)
  2. Run AppleApplicationSupport64.msi
  3. Run iTunes64.msi

Success! Now iTunes opens, and stays open.

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