To mark pictures as burst in Apple Photos.app a random BurstUUID (same one for all bursts) is required.

By trying to set an UUID with zsh: exiftool -BurstUUID='A4862FFE-5491-4F15-9AC0-0881859A0802' sample.jpg it returns

0 image files updated
1 image files unchanged

Does anyone know why that's the case? Would be very happy for getting an answer ;)


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To add BurstUUID for non-iPhone taken photos, you need to copy in MakerNotes from an iPhone created image. See Re: Help with MakerApple metadata for a related discussion and example:

exiftool -v -overwrite_original -m -P "-burstuuid=$UUID" -tagsfromfile IMG_0178.jpg G0232134.JPG

Phil Harvey, the creator of ExifTool, says this about MakerNotes in relation to BurstUUID:

No. Makernote tags may not be created individually. They may only be changed if they already exist. The only way to create them is to copy the entire makernotes as a block. I suggest maybe creating a user-defined XMP tag instead, and writing this to your GoPro images.

  • Is there a way not copy Exif Data like camera model, recording date, aperture, lens information, GPS, ... because in the solution above EXIF data is replaced by the iPhone data.
    – user234837
    Apr 23, 2017 at 22:03
  • @user234837 consider asking a new question to see if this is possible and how to achieve it on your Mac. May 1, 2017 at 16:16

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