Is there a way to change the delay time until a scheduled sleep/restart/shutdown occurs? It starts at 10 minutes (10:00), but I want to change it to 30 minutes (30:00).


As you can see above, the computer is scheduled to restart in 10 minutes via pmset.


As far as I'm aware there's no way to change this value because a Mac must be awake for at least 10 minutes past the scheduled time. It's because of this that the 10 minute value is set and cannot be altered, although I suppose there's no reason why it couldn't be extended beyond that (such as the 30 mins you want). Regardless, I'm not aware that this can be done.

According to Apple:

To shut down automatically, your Mac must be awake at the time that it's scheduled to shut down, and remain awake for at least 10 minutes past that time. If it's sleeping at the scheduled shutdown time, it continues sleeping instead of shutting down. If it's set to go to sleep after less than 15 minutes of inactivity, it might go back to sleep before it can shut down. To make sure that your Mac shuts down even when sleeping, set it to start up or wake 5 minutes before the scheduled shutdown time.

Source: Set a startup, wake, sleep, restart, or shutdown time on your Mac

One thing you could do is check the man page for pmset on your system to double-check, as different versions of the OS will provide different options (and sometimes particular hardware can offer different options depending on it's type and location).

To check the man page for pmset on your system, launch the terminal and enter man pmset. Note this may take a while to retrieve the info.

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