I stupidly left my AirPods in the washing machine through a whole cycle. I took them out, hand dried them, and they were surprisingly still working. I used them for about an hour after that and then all of a sudden they shut off.

Now, they won't turn on at all. I've tried holding down the button for 15 seconds and re-charging them with no luck.

Any ideas for how to fix this problem? Are they permanently dead?

  • @BasilBourque comments are to clarify the post. If you want to answer "bag of rice" please put that in as an answer. – bmike Apr 16 '17 at 13:57

Apple support can quote you a repair. Since they have batteries and several processors inside each, immersion and agitation for tens of minutes likely caused an overload / short circuit which will be followed by rapid corrosion of metal in the device.

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Bag of rice

Perhaps the bag of dried rice trick as commonly done for iPhones.

Ideally you would have done something like that before turning them on. May be too late if you fried the circuitry.

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