I have an issue submitting an app build for review in TestFlight. (Yesterday, a new version of TestFlight was released in iTunes Connect, this might have caused the issue)

Steps to Reproduce the issue:

  1. Log in to iTunes Connect
  2. Select the app
  3. Go to tab 'TestFlight'
  4. Click a build (in this case, 1.0.1)
  5. Click the '+' sign next to 'Individual Testers'
  6. Select 'Add New Testers'

Expected behavior: screen to enter information of test users Actual behavior: loading spinner is displayed and web inspector console displays error:

Error console Loading spinner hangs

Anyone else experienced this issue? I can only reproduce it for one of my apps. It seems to be some bug on Apple's part, and I have reported it, but no answer until now :-\


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There might be a problem with iTunes Connect. I just got an email from Apple about upcoming maintenance:

On April 22, beginning at 7:00 a.m. (PDT), iTunes Connect and related content delivery services will be unavailable for up to eight hours. The following services will be affected:
- App build upload in Xcode
- Application Loader and altool
- iTunes Connect
- iTunes Connect Mobile
- iTunes Producer
- Transporter

Maybe wait until after the maintenance is over and try again.

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