I have just purchased the GENKI Vocab Cards app for reviewing vocabulary from the GENKI Japanese textbook. It is a flashcards application. Every card is equipped with a loudspeaker button that is supposed to sound the pronunciation of the card's word or phrase when clicked. However, clicking the button produces no sound.

A card within the GENKI Vocal Cards app

I have no problem hearing the playback of a Voice Memos recording.

enter image description here

What steps can I take to try and fix this issue?

iOS App: GENKI Vocab Cards, Version 2.2.0

Device: iPhone 7

iOS: 10.3.1 (14E304)

Issue: Pressing the "play/speak" button results in no sound output


Untoggle the mute switch at the top left of your iPhone. It will vibrate if it's muted. Unmuting won't make the device vibrate.

Make sure to increase the volume with the volume buttons.

Regarding Voice Memo.app

Tap the speaker icon at the top right to toggle the output (earpiece/loudspeaker).

Then adjust the volume with the volume buttons on the left of your iPhone.

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