I've an app in appstore and when it has an update the link was given in the format itms://itunes.com/apps/[AppName] Now I've recently uploaded a new version of my app and from the older app when I click the update link it takes us to store but doesnt give option to update. It gives a button saying open, I have to then take the store option again for download then it comes with the update option. So, I changed the link format to itms-apps://itunes.com/apps/[AppName]/[AppId] and this time when I clicked on the link it opened up correctly giving me option to update. Was this a new update in the format? What was the difference between opening link between these two formats?


Using itms-apps: will leads you to App Store directly.

Using itms: will leads you to App Store page in iTunes Store. You'll see "App Store" as navigation title and a button links you to App Store on the upper right corner.

I used to use itms: in my app. But I found that app status on iTunes Store was sometimes not up-to-date as App Store was. I haven't confirmed what caused this but now I use items-apps: instead.

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