I'm new to Mac and trying to get dual display spaces to behave like my previous system.

It seems like my choices are to have up to ten dual display spaces. Or I can separate the spaces, and get five on each screen.

I'd like to have ten independent spaces that aren't bound to a particular screen. e.g. Spotify usually lives on the right because it's secondary but I like to glance at it. If I'm working on a playlist, I'd like to bring its space to the left monitor. Can I do this without moving spotify to a different space?

  • Is this what you're looking for? Open Mission Control, then grab the space and drag it to its cousins on the other screen.
    – Bob
    Apr 9, 2017 at 22:21

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System Preferences → Mission Control and enable Displays have separate Spaces.

Mission Control Displays have separate Spaces

Mission Control will show different Spaces on each monitor. To move a space between monitors with this enabled, open Mission Control and drag the space to your desired monitor.

  • Almost? It's really opinionated about which spaces I can drag over. Spaces with nothing, mail, or some terminals move. Spaces with firefox and spotify don't. I don't suppose there are any keyboard shortcuts or scripting options for managing this?
    – valadil
    Apr 9, 2017 at 23:48
  • @valadil I’ve never had a space not be able to move to a different display. What exactly happens when you try?
    – grg
    Apr 9, 2017 at 23:51
  • The mouse moves to the other screen. The space is left behind. I tried going all the way to the far side of the screen. My spotify one moves now, but the firefox one is still stuck. It's desktop 1, just in case that one has special properties.
    – valadil
    Apr 10, 2017 at 0:00
  • @valadil A display can’t have zero desktops, is this your problem? (Full screen apps do not count as desktops.)
    – grg
    Apr 10, 2017 at 0:03
  • Nope, I've got 4 on each.
    – valadil
    Apr 10, 2017 at 0:04

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