I am currently in China and I would like to bypass the censorship. (Mostly for Google and Netflix)

I have a linux host in France that I could use for the SSH tunnel (let's call it [email protected])

In my Mac Book Pro, I typed the command line ssh -ND 9999 [email protected], I configured my socks proxy, and everything worked fine.

First idea: I tried to follow this tutorial

My Pac file is :

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
     return "SOCKS domain.fr:9999";

I put the file proxy.pac in my linux host via scp command. When I checked the URL of the file with Mobile Safari, it displayed the code written above, so I guess it can access it.

Then I configured the iOS device (Proxy Http -> Auto -> URL...) but it didn't work. What's strange is that I can still access non-censored website (like Apple), but I can't access censored-one (Facebook, Twitter) I would have thought that configuring the Http Proxy to Auto would affect the whole Web Browser.

Anyway, I wonder if that's because I need an authentication to access my host. And if that's so, how could I make it work?

Second idea: : I tried port forwarding with this tutorial Since my basic needs are Google and Netflix, I used Termius and configured the port forwarding as followed :

Port Forwarding > Local Host : domain.fr:22 Port from : 9998 Destination : google.com Port to : 80

Port Forwarding > Local Host : domain.fr:22 Port from : 9999 Destination : netflix.com Port to : 80

Then I tried to access via localhost:9998 and localhost:9999.

For Netflix, I have a Http Status 404 : the requested resource is not available. For Google, I have a Http Status 404 : the requested URL was not found on this server.

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With the said configuration the HTTP traffic is routed to the proxy. But there is a catch, then DNS lookup which is not an HTTP protocol will fail.


for your first idea, this script may help


you can try running this script on your linux host

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