There is one specific word doc that contains a draft SOP for running a piece of manufacturing equipment. When I select this file to open it from the Finder or from Word, I get a permission error, and "Select this file to give access to it". I select it, and then it raises the error: "User does not have permission to access this file."

Historically, I have had no problem opening this file. All the sudden, I get permission denied. I have tried selecting [CTRL] and [right click the file from Finder] and select [get info]. When I do, I get, as expected, I get: me: rwx, staff: r--, others: r--.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Thanks for your time.

  • Press cmd + space, search for terminal, type cd and drag&drop the directory containing the file to it, press enter. Type chmod 777 name_of_your_file.doc, press enter again. See if it opens now.. if so, something was indeed wrong with your permissions.. Please let me know the result, it might not be dafe to leave the setting at 777 as this allowes everyone to have full rights regarding the file.
    – Montmons
    Apr 5, 2017 at 20:59

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The permissions look okay. Maybe you're not (or are no longer) the owner. Try opening Terminal.app Then type: chown USER ~/Desktop/FILE replacing USER with your username, and FILE with the filename plus the extension, assuming it's on your Desktop. If you've executed the command successfully, it will seem like nothing has happened. If you fail, it will complain, but you're not going to harm anything.

Then try to open it.

Aside from that, I'd maybe you could have encrypted it by mistake?

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