I would like to use a track pad on a Windows machine.

The catch is : I would like to use it through a KVM switch. Thus I cannot pair it with Bluetooth.

I am looking for a USB track pad that I could plug on the switch, but couldn't find one.

Does it exist?

I would prefer an original Apple one, but if it doesn't exist, and the alternatives are good enough, that could do as well.


You can still use wireless, but it has to be devices that use the 2.4Ghz receivers like the Logitech Wireless Touchpad. It uses the "Unifying Nano Receiver" that plugs into a USB port.

enter image description here

I've used many wireless Logitech mice on KVMs (mostly Avocent) and all worked flawlessly. The touch pad should be no different though I haven't tested it out because I don't own a track pad to test (I don't like them).

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