Is there a way from the CLI on MacOS or Linux to download all the photos from a shared photo album (an album shared with me from another iCloud user, that shows up the shared tab on iOS or under the shared heading on MacOS) in Photos.app? I would like to setup a cron job to sync the photos locally so I can add them to the rest of our backuped data.

  • Quite broad in scope - when you say "album" what are you referring to? iCloud? Photos App? Aperture? When you say "download" are you referring to a photo service (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.)? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? – Allan Mar 30 '17 at 18:53
  • shared photo album: in iOS on the iPhone, in the Photos app, under the Shared tab (the one with cloud icon) albums shard from someone to me. In Photos.app on MacOS, these are listed under the Shared header in the sidebar. download: I just want the photos on disk. – Mike Roberts Mar 30 '17 at 19:10
  • And iCloud and OneDrive don't do what you want? – Allan Mar 30 '17 at 19:35
  • This question has nothing to do with OneDrive. And iCloud doesn't do what I want, which is back up my data on my devices. – Mike Roberts Mar 30 '17 at 19:57
  • Well, it's this reason that this question is both way to broad and unclear as to what you are asking. Consider revising so you clearly state what the issue is and what you have done thus far to address it. – Allan Mar 30 '17 at 20:05

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