I have people in my address book, but I want to organize them by topic.

Like Work or Office or Friends or well, you get it.

How can I do that on the desktop? I'm assuming its using the group feature, but I can't figure out how to add someone to a group.

How can I do that on my iPhone? Is that even possible?

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This is not presently possible on iOS, but you can do this via the use of third party apps such as Groups.


This is possible on macOS. You don't specify what version of macOS you're using, but below is the basic process:

  1. Open the Contacts app
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Select the New Group option
  4. Give your new group a name
  5. Click on All Contacts
  6. Select the contacts you want to add to the new group
  7. Now drag these contacts to the new group


  • You can also create a group by first selecting the contacts you want to be a part of the group (you do this by keeping the command key down and clicking on the contacts you want) and then going to File > New Group From Selection.
  • To see any groups that a contact is part of, you can click on the contact and then press the option key.
  • You can actually create an advanced group (known as Smart Groups) that will automatically add or remove contacts based on rules you create.

In the macOS Contacts app, you can create a new Group by either going into FileNew Group or pressing ⇧ shift ⌘ cmd N.

To add a contact to that group, simply drag them from the main list to the group in the left side-pane. If that pane is hidden, you may make it visible by going into ViewShow Groups or pressing ⌘ cmd 1.

As of iOS 10.3, it is not possible to manipulate groups in the iOS Contacts app, only filter by groups.

You can perform these operations using the web apps at iCloud.com, although doing so using Safari for iOS is very difficult.

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