I have been using a keyboard layout usd2.keylayout for 4 months on this laptop. After rebooting this last time (after many many other reboots..) it is grayed out.

Why might this be? I am on el capitan

[![enter image description here][1]][1]
     $ll ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/
    total 80
    -rwxrwxrwx@  1 boescst  USWIN\Domain Users  37414 Nov 15  2015 usd2.keylayout
    drwx------+  3 boescst  USWIN\Domain Users    102 Nov 29 15:53 .
    drwx------@ 58 boescst  USWIN\Domain Users   1972 Mar 21 20:40 ..

OK here's a hack that has worked: I simply re-added the same keyboard layout. It now shows up twice .. but at least one of them is enabled. I will go and delete the other (corrupted??) one now..

enter image description here

And deleting the previous (same file) one did clean it up. That was .. weird ..

enter image description here

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