I'm looking into an issue on an iPhone which has me stumped. It has a number of Accounts configured:

iCloud and Exchange seem to work fine. But when we add the Outlook account ([email protected]), it is configured successfully, until it is saved, then the Email field in Account changes to show the Gmail address ([email protected]) and will not change back. The Mail app also shows two entries with the Gmail address when I try to switch the "from" account.

When I send an email from within the Outlook account within the Mail app, it displays the Gmail address ([email protected]) as the "from" address, and replies go to Gmail.

I've tried:

  • Deleting the Gmail account
  • Deleting the Outlook account
  • Re-adding the Outlook account (still has the same problem, even if the Gmail account is not present on the phone)
  • Re-adding the Outlook account as an Exchange account
  • Factory reset the phone and restore from backup
  • Factory reset the phone and start fresh
  • Get a new phone

None of these steps have solved the problem, the phantom Gmail account ([email protected]) always overrides the Outlook one ([email protected]), even if the Gmail account is not configured on the phone.

Interestingly, none of the other accounts have this issue. I've also added a different Outlook account ([email protected]) and this does not have the same problem either.

It appears to be something to do with adding an account called [email protected] but I'm absolutely stumped.

Has anyone encountered this issue, or can someone suggest some more troubleshooting steps please?

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It appears this issue was being caused by having the Gmail account linked to the Outlook one on Outlook.com.

In the settings on Outlook.com, under Mail > Accounts > Connected Accounts, the Gmail account was set up as a Connected Account.

Removing this Connected Account from Outlook.com resolved the issue and prevented the display name/email address of the account from changing.

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