I'm following the instructions in the answer to How can I add a due date to OS X Reminders? , to set up a Service which creates a Reminder entry with a due date. I used Automator to create a workflow, with the single step "New Reminders Item", and saved this as /Users/me/Library/Services/New reminder with Due.workflow.

When I select text, then run this Service from the app's Services menu, an alert box appears, saying:

The action "New Reminders Item" encountered an error. [Show Workflow] [OK]

The Console shows an error message like:

2017-03-18 22:36:10.084 WorkflowServiceRunner[4697]: WorkflowServiceRunner received error running Workflow Service at /Users/me/Library/Services/New reminder with Due.workflow: The action “New Reminders Item” encountered an error.

I was hopeful about finding an AppleScript syntax error induced by Automator, as in SO answer to Apple Automator Applescript action giving “could not connect action” error, but my Workflow appears not to contain AppleScript. It appears to be a bundle directory containing files document.wflow and Info.plist. There was no AppleScript code that I could see.

How do I diagnose this error? How can I find out what error the WorkflowServiceRunner received?

I am running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

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