I have Apple Pay enabled on my iPhone (6S) and it used to be available on Apple Watch (original edition) too. I wiped and restored my watch, and now there is no Apply Pay available. The instructions say to use the Watch app and select "Wallet & Apple Pay". For me the option is just called "Wallet" and the only option is to mirror the iPhone. Searching for "pay" doesn't help. I can make payments successfully with the phone. Both devices have latest OS releases (3.1.3 and 10.2.1 at the time of writing). Where has the option gone and how can I rectify this?

  • try : unparing the watch (make a backup) and re pair it
    – enzo
    Mar 17, 2017 at 14:43

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Please check the region your iPhone and your Apple Watch are set to. This is a quote from Apple.com, emphasis mine:

  1. Make sure that you're in a supported region.
    • For your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Language & Region, then scroll to Region.
    • For your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab, tap General > Language & Region, and check the region format.

I had a similar issue in the past and was able to solve it after setting the correct region and restarting both devices.

Let me know if it worked for you as well.

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    Wow, yes, unintuitive but indeed watch region was set to current location instead of region preference/card country. No restarts required: change region and go back to Wallet menu, start process of adding card to watch. Mar 17, 2017 at 15:00

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