I am using a Macbook Air Mid 2012 with Sierra.

I am using a lot the terminal to run my local server etc. To cancel the local server I need to press CTRL + C. Unfortunately the CTRL button stopped working.

1) I think it's a mechanical issue, because sometimes it works. I already removed the key and tried to clean it but no success. Any other ideas in terms of making it work again?

2) My main question is: how can I move the CTRL + C command to another key. I would like to quit the server with the ESC key. Where can I change this? Is this a setting on the server (Rails Puma) or a Terminal setting?


As a workaround, you could remap your modifier keys. In System Preferences, choose Keyboard, and click on the Modifier Keys ... button on the Keyboard tab. There, you can (for instance) have Caps Lock act as your Control button.

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