I noticed that recently I can't zoom properly in Quick Look when I preview image files. When I press the space bar, I can zoom normally. After that, I can pan the picture in the Quick Look window. However, after panning the picture, I can't zoom anymore.

I tried this on another MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra just like mine, but it seems like it works normally (i.e. in a Quick Look window you can zoom, pan, and then zoom again). This suggests that my problem arises from something that I installed on my machine.

How would I go about troubleshooting this issue and trying to find out what's preventing me from zooming after panning when previewing pictures with Quick Look?

  • What version of Sierra are you using? – grg Mar 14 '17 at 19:28
  • Whoops, I am using macOS Sierra 10.12.3. The Mac I tested it on (where it worked) was on 10.12.4 beta 3. – Skeleton Bow Mar 14 '17 at 20:32

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