I have one account that has several folders. I want a reminder folder for all items greater than 60 days, that moves from my inbox, to the reminder folder, and marks it unread. It doesn't look like mail app supports this.

I want it to apply to the inbox only. So far, it applies to the account and so everything in other mailboxes is moved to the reminder mailbox. I want the items in the other mailboxes to be ignored. Ie create a done mailbox and when items in reminder are completed I move the email to done mailbox and the rule will no longer apply. So far I can't find the option to only apply to my inbox and not other mailboxes.

I see an option for marking messages as READ, but there isn't an option to mark them as UNREAD. I'd like to have a new reminder message dropped into my mailbox and get the count that there is a new message in that folder.

How would I set up these workflows?

Basically I get emails and I get so many that sometimes I don't get to them in time and I want a reminder. After 60 days it will move it to a different folder so I can periodically go through and clean out those old emails. I can't have them continually keep coming back into that mailbox after I've moved them before.

  • Why not use a smart mailbox - not a rule? The mail will still be in the Inbox – Mark Mar 14 '17 at 16:58

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