I need to remove iOS 4.2 beta from an iPad which I added using iTunes and the option+click Restore button feature.

When I click "Restore" in iTunes I get an error (image attached). I have the iOS SDK & XCode installed.

alt text


Step 1: You need to put the iPad into recovery mode.

Press and hold the home and sleep/wake buttons until the device shuts off. Keep holding the home key until the "connect to iTunes" graphic appears on the screen.

Step 2: Make sure you have iOS 3.2 somewhere on your system. Drag it into the organizer.

You can get any version of the iOS firmware from here.

Step 3: Open XCode's organizer and connect the iPad.

Step 4: Select your iPad in the organizer and choose the firmware version on the top right.

NOTE: You can probably use replace steps 3 and 4 with Option + Click in iTunes, just make sure to have the proper firmware lying around on your system.

NOTE2: Excuse me, I meant iOS 3.2, not iOS 4.1. I'm a little distracted at the moment.

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You need to have iOS 3.2 because that's the only other iOS version that supports iPad. Follow the steps Moshe posted.

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