Having issues while trying to set-up Android Studio (latest release, 2.3) on a Mac (El Capitan 10.11.3). Studio is installed, but when I launch it a window for configuring the SDK appears, and after a few passages I get this error:

"An error occurred while trying to compute required packages"

Anyone got this?

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This is what worked for me:

  • Download the command line tools, place them in the SDK folder (e.g., on mac: /Users/user/Library/Android/sdk), unzip there and then add the tools/bin folder to the PATH.
  • Install the latest platform: in a terminal, execute sdkmanager "platforms;android-25"
  • Open Android Studio, and go to the SDK Manager (Appearance and Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK)
  • Click on "Edit", and then select the sdk folder. Then "Next" > "Next" > "Finish".

I hope this works for you too.

Original answer found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42732684/dependant-package-with-key-emulator-not-found-while-updating-android-sdk-and-too

P.S: I'm on Sierra, but I think that's not a macOS problem but Android Studio installer for mac.


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