I have an external hard drive (called SEAGATE Expansion Portable Drive) and I was wondering if there is any way I can tell whether this hard drive has been plugged into another computer any time in the past month?

It went missing and then turned up again. I would like to check whether it has been plugged into another laptop and had any files copied without my knowing - is there any way I can check this??


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In short, No.
There's no way to be absolutely certain.

Files could have been copied from it, the entire drive could have been cloned without leaving a trace.

You can have a look at the Last Opened data, but it's not conclusive proof of a negative.
You'd have to check a folder at a time [Search ought to be able to do it, but it never seems to work properly other than on "This Mac" which would show you too much other data]

Open a folder on the drive, set it to View > As List.
Right click the columns bar at the top & add Date Last Opened.
enter image description here
Click the new column to sort on it.
Check folder by folder...

enter image description here

Of course, anything you have opened since will confuse the results.

  • Okay, thanks, all of the last opened data seems as it should be - so I'm guessing either it has been cloned / copied as you said or I am just being mega paranoid!
    – Eliz.cp
    Commented Mar 11, 2017 at 13:10

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