What I'm doing:

  1. Open Photos on iPhone (7 plus, iOS 10.2.0)
  2. Tap share icon
  3. Wait for my laptop identity to appear in AirDrop section
  4. Tap on my own face 😶 (i.e., laptop identity)


  • My face says, "Waiting…"
  • After what I assume is a timeout delay, my face says, "Declined"

The MacBook Pro has Allow me to be discovered by: set to Everyone. The top Google search results seem to suggest logging out of iCloud, then back in, but it takes forever to reinstall everything, so I'd really rather not. ☹️



ok after months of this on occasionally then off mostly and sat with the waiting. I found the solution

VPN, do you have any VPN like expressvpn or similar on your mac, if so turn it off and voila .

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    OMG, thank you! I didn't notice that I was connected to our corporate VPN server. – Ian Sep 28 '20 at 8:48
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    You're my hero! – Nik Kov Feb 2 at 10:16

Phew! 😅 (Grinning Face with Squinting Eyes and Sweat Drop)

Here's how I solved this:

  1. Swipe up from bottom to reveal Control Panel
  2. Toggle bluetooth & wifi off, then on

And now AirDrop works. Wish the iPhone would automatically cycle the wireless antennae when this kind of thing happens…but at least I don't have to wait hours for all my iCloud content to re-sync. *w00t!**

(Remember w00t?! 👴🏼)


I solved this by switching one device to a different wifi "router". I have 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz channels on my router, so I just connected my Mac to the 5Ghz and iPhone to 2.4Ghz, and then suddenly I got like 10 copies of the files I was trying to transfer.

Nothing else worked. Rebooting didn't work. Toggling Wifi on and off didn't work. Just this.


Another possibility is that the firewall blocks the transfer.

Make sure that sharingd is allowed to receive incoming connections.


Airdrop can be very frustrating when it does not work as expected or seem to work randomly.

I think i messed up with the firewall a few times ago and somes rules obviously messed up with Airdrop.

In my case the Graal finally came when i installed Murus ( https://www.murusfirewall.com/murus/ same devs from IceFloor ) it allows you to interact with PF ( Packet Filter ) which is the native OS X firewall.

In Murus, i did "Load Selected Profile" with "Less restrictive" in the "Assistant" tab, then click the play icon on the top left and voilà ! Miracle happened !

PS : the Murus Lite (free) edition is enough for this manipulation

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