I currently sync ~3000 photos from my PC onto my iPhone 3GS. These photos are split into folders on my PC and these folders show up in the Photos app on my iPhone. However, these photos don't show up under the "Camera Roll".

The iCloud Backups page states that iCloud backs up "Photos and video in the Camera Roll".


I would like to make sure that all my photos get included in an iCloud backup - Is there any way to convert my synced folders so that all the pictures show up in my Camera Roll and the folders show up as regular Photo folders which I can add/delete on my iPhone?

If not, is it possible to get my existing sync'd photos included in iCloud backups?


There is no supported way to do that, for two reasons: the backup would grow huge, rapidly consuming iCloud space, and non-camera-roll photos are resized to display well on the iPhone while taking minimum space. As such, they're not the "original" photos any more. Backing them up would be a false sense of security.

The best solution is to back up the PC. The My Pictures folder will get backed up with the rest of your PC data, and you'll have copies of the original, non-resizd images should disaster strike.


There isn't anyway of moving all of the photos at once, but if you have one photo, you can click the edit button and a message saying "Duplicate and Edit" will show up at the bottom of the screen. If you click on that, the photo will automatically go to the camera roll. You can do like 100 a day and eventually you'll have all. Then, once your done you can un-sync them.


Photos in the Camera Roll is backed up to Photostream and deleted after a month. You can't add photos back to the Camera Roll as far as I am aware.

All other photos are transferred using the normal sync via iTunes and not backed up to iCloud at all. The best suggestion I have for the amount of photos your dealing with is to use either iPhoto or Aperture to manage them and sync them the way you currently are. Use something like Time Capsule to back your machine up.

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    As per the linked page and the text I already quoted, pics in your camera roll are definitely included in iCloud backups. – mchr Oct 13 '11 at 15:59
  • mchr: only if you enable Backup to iCloud for the device instead of backing up to iTunes. The two of you are talking about 2 seperate components here: 1. The general full device backup to iCloud which can replace USB iTunes backup. And 2. Photostream which temporarily "backs up" to the iCloud, but isn't really a backup as much as it is a 30 day window to view your new photos before they disappear from Photostream. – Syclone0044 Nov 10 '11 at 20:42

Well, there's not really a way to do that.

But I have an idea that might just work! Redo that! Sync your photos not on the Camera Roll, normally. Then, when you download them, screenshot (press both buttons on your iPhone at the same time) in the clear image you want.

The image will be saved in your Camera Roll. Delete some other pics if it takes much space, but if you take a clear shot, the photo will be like any other, only saved on your Camera Roll. Then, unsync your photos.


Sync your images via iTunes (all of them). When the album gets copied, go inside, Click select, click select all. After that, click the share icon in the left bottom. Click duplicate there and your stuff will get stored in camera roll. From there, go to iTunes on your MAC/PC and un-check the Sync Photos option. And sync your iPhone. You're done.

IOS 10.3.3


send pics from your mac to iPhone using airdrop it will save in camera roll.

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