I built a self-made kernel extension (named KAuthTest.kext) and would like to test it out. So in a VM running macOS 10.12.3, I did the followings:

  • disable SIP by running csrutil disable in recovery mode, and reboot.
  • disable kext signing check by running sudo nvram kext-dev-mode=1 and reboot
  • give it permission: sudo chown -R root:wheel KAuthTest.kext

Then I load it using sudo kextload KAuthTest.kext.


  1. in the system log, I didn't see the log from its start function
  2. when I run kextstat | grep -v com.apple to see all third party kexts, I didn't see my kernel extension.

So did I miss something? How I can successfully load this into the kernel?


  1. kextutil -n -print-diagnostics KAuthTest.kext gives this:

    Diagnostics for KAuthTest.kext: Code Signing Failure: code signature is invalid KAuthTest.kext appears to be loadable (including linkage for on-disk libraries).

  2. I did try rebooting, but still no luck

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