I have a pages document that I want to copy a JPG into and make the JPG take up the whole first page with no margins. Then I want the rest of the pages to keep their margins as I've already specified.

I have the jpg copied into pages, but I can't make it any bigger than the margins and there is still a header and footer.

Thanks in advance!

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Are you talking about an actual ePub ebook that you create from a Pages Word Processing document, or just a PDF you create from a Pages document?

If you make the image floating or in the background, you can move it around without being hindered by the margins or other text. To make your object floating or in the background, open the Inspector window (with the blue "i" icon in the toolbar), then click on "Wrap inspector" (third button from the left), and choose your Object placement.

Screenshot of the Wrap inspector

However, converting to ePub removes floating objects, so if you want that, you should edit your eBook (using sigil for example) to add the first page back in. This is not too hard if you know some HTML.

  • This works perfectly. I have it just in pages and was going to export it PDF, at least that was the plan.
    – Noah Clark
    Sep 30, 2010 at 13:35

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