I have a table with 500+ rows in Sheet 1 (let's call this "masterlist".

In another sheet, I'd like to be able use a drop-down cell containing certain key values (all taken from a single column in the masterlist), to subsequently populate a table with all the rows match that match.

Ironically I can do this effortlessly in MySQL but alas I need to produce a spreadsheet on this occasion and I am nub. For those savvy with SQL, a more succinct description of the problem is:

SELECT * FROM tableA WHERE tableA.id_column = 'target value'

Though, to be fair, since the size of selected output is unknown, I also don't understand how to populate the receiving table (in Numbers) with an unknown number of rows.

  • This is a prefect example of how spreadsheets are fundamentally different from proper databases. There are several articles on the reasons for the difference available on the Internet. Cheers! – bjbk Jun 15 '17 at 19:53

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