I had a RAID drive fail. I replaced the bad drive with a new one and, after some work, got it up and running. I want to delete the bad drive from the config. This is the latest listing:

AppleRAID sets (1 found)
Name:                 Data
Unique ID:            A14C84DA-C663-4FFB-95BB-8D102912A2E5
Type:                 Mirror
Status:               Degraded
Size:                 2.0 TB (2000054910976 Bytes)
Rebuild:              manual
Device Node:          disk5
DevNode   UUID                                  Status     Size
#  -none-    1BAC60DD-CA77-444D-B4C4-BDAB73248240  Missing/Damaged
1  disk4s2   9BB10E86-07CF-4F6A-8886-FCC3607E4729  Online     2000054910976
2  disk2s2   FC76DA2A-4FDD-4795-A3B6-D35770476FCF  Online     2000054910976

I just noticed when pasting this, the status is still degraded. When I tried to remove it I got this error:

@ Yamadoshi (curt)| => sudo diskutil appleraid remove 1BAC60DD-CA77-444D-B4C4-BDAB73248240
Usage:  diskutil appleRAID remove MemberDeviceName|MemberUUID
Remove a member or spare from an existing RAID set.
Ownership of the affected disks is required.
Example: diskutil AppleRAID remove disk2s4 /Volumes/RAID
     diskutil AppleRAID remove 11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555 disk5

How do I get rid of the missing drive? Do I have some other problem given the Degraded status?


The answer is, that you have to add the path to the Mounted volume at the end instead of the disk number. For example:

diskutil AppleRAID remove 11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555 /Volumes/MYMOUNTEDDISK/
  • I no longer have a software RAID so I'm assuming this works. – curt Aug 8 '18 at 19:18

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