A teacher found a school iPad 2, used by a former student, as a loaner, in the back of the iPad cart and they put their info into the apple id. So, we're locked out.

I just want to SEE the email from the Apple ID, so I can send a request, to the student, to remove the device from their iTunes account. How do I go about seeing the email, instead of d****@yahoo.com? Did factory restore but, nothing opened up. Can't follow Apple's instructions for recovering because I have No ID or email address and they want one or the other.


There's no way to find that info. If you don't have the email address and the password you can't see that type of info.

I don't think Apple can see that info, either. You'll have to take it to them, with proof of ownership, and they can reset the device. You can contact them at getsupport.apple.com for additional help.

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