i got an email that my iCloud was full. I went into phone settings and noticed that a lot of things i previously disabled were now enabled so i disabled them again ( backups, photos)

it seems that disabling it did not remove anything from iCloud because it's still full.

i logged into iCloud.com and i can see my storage is full but i can't find any way to delete my existing stuff.

  • Try to delete your iCloud backup. Do a backup via iTunes. Try on your iPhone: Settings -> General -> Storage- & iCloud usage -> Manage storage -> See your backup? Choose it. Scroll down. Press delete Backup and confirm. Now move back and delete those data you don't need (Documents & data). The next time you get an iCloud backup you should be all set.
    – pallox
    Feb 21, 2017 at 15:00

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this is so confusing! even if i turned off all the services that still didn't do anything.

i finally found it.

settings > icloud > storage > manage storage > start turning **** off and it will actually delete on iCloud.

it was storing all kinds of things i never authorized! like "health data" podcasts, photos.. this really sucks.

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