Recently, I've migrated from a strict Windows to a OSX environment. I'm using the Magic Mouse as my pointing device and so far I've been satisfied.

The only problem that I am having is that I can not get my mouse to consistently recognize my two-finger swipes to swap between my full screen apps. It does work but only occasionally. Specifically, I have to swipe about 30 times before the screen will actually switch to the other application. Also, I know that the mouse is partially picking up my gesture because the window will begin to barely transition, but I usually can't get the screen to shift any more than a couple inches on my 27" display.

This is unusable.

Are there any gesture sensitivity settings that I may be able to tweak, buried in some form of an initialization of configuration file? Or, am I stuck and I'll have to simply avoid using this gesture? I think this functionality would be very useful. For now, however, it's not an option.

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I'd also suggests BetterTouchTool, a fork of Multiclutch, which allows you to remap a tons of multi-touch gestures.

Moreover the program allows for windows snapping (a là Windows 7), and keyboard shortcuts.

It's definitely worth a try.

  • Wow, this has helped tremendously. BetterTouchTool contains a screen that allows the user to visualize there touches on the Magic Mouse. When I opened it, I quickly saw my problem with the two-finger swipe-- my skinny little fingers were registering as one big finger! Thanks Gio
    – RLH
    Oct 13, 2011 at 13:31

Try this little utility: http://www.magicprefs.com/

It allows you to override mouse gestures, map them to your own actions, etc. It also has a graphical view to show you what you're doing, which can be very useful in figuring out what you're doing wrong.

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