I installed Private Internet Access VPN and then uninstalled it with CleanMyMac. As far as I can tell there is no PIA folders or files left on the computer (I could be wrong of course). I noticed that in the default web browser options under system preferences, Private Internet Access is listed as an option. How would I go about removing this? Do I have to edit a .plist file? Where would the available default web browser options be kept in MacOS Serra? Thank you.


Open system preferences and go to general (or search for default web browser).

Set Safari as the default.

  • Thank you but this does not answer the question. The question is not how to change the default web browser preference. I was wondering how one actually removes one of the available preferences that was added to the dropdown menu after installing a program, (in this case Private Internet Access) and that did not go away after uninstalling the program. – ALA85 Feb 22 '17 at 17:29

It seems that the answer to this question is on Private Internet Access' own website. HelpDesk Running the command they provide in the terminal fixes the problem I had.

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