I've been a user of NetNewsWire as my RSS reader for god knows how long... it must be over ten years. Alas when it changed hands the new developer removed my favourite feature - showing the unread articles in a hierarchical menu in the dock. That feature allows the user to very quickly scan the unreads, especially if you have your feeds arranged into many folders/topics.

NetNewsWire's dock menu

I have become addicted to this feature - so much so that I'm still using NNW version 3. I would like to move to a new RSS reader that will continue to be maintained and has sync features so that I can use an RSS reader on my iPad.

However - the new application must have the dock menu feature. I cannot find such an app. Does anyone know if such an app exists?


  • I can't offer another solution, but would suggest that you provide feedback to the new developer (if you haven't already) so that he/she is aware of how much this feature was used. If enough people give the same feedback, they may reintroduce this feature. As an aside, I may check out NNW v3 on the basis of your question! :) – Monomeeth Feb 9 '17 at 10:31
  • Thanks - I have done. I didn't get a reply. I suspect that it's not as popular a feature with others as it is with me (thus the seeming lack of alternative apps.) – Diggory Feb 9 '17 at 10:33
  • Well, I think it sounds like a great feature (not that I've used it yet). So I may just have to provide similar feedback! :) – Monomeeth Feb 9 '17 at 10:37
  • Make your own! :D I also recommend feeder.co's RSS Feed Reader chrome extension that has this feature (just on the menubar of Chrome) – owlswipe Feb 10 '17 at 1:40

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