System Preferences in Sierra seems to know when a UPS is present. How do I check this from the command line?

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Use the command system_profiler SPPowerDataType | grep "UPS Installed".

This will return something along the lines of UPS Installed: No


You can use Power Manager's pmctl tool to check for a connected UPS, see Scripting Batteries and UPS on Mac OS X.

pmctl can output in a range of formats to make scripted parsing easier, use the -f flag for this:

  • JSON
  • perl
  • XML

Power Manager scripting UPS

Alternatively, you could search the output of system_profiler SPUSBDataType to find the matching UPS.

I wrote Power Manager, so feel free to ask technical questions.


Parsing the output of system_profiler SPPowerDataType provides a line status UPS Installed : Yes | No which seems to be flipping with me (un)plugging the USB cable from the UPS.

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