Similar question to How do I flush the DNS cache on a OS X 10.6 machine?, but for iOS in general.

Specifically, my use case is to flush the DNS cache for applications I downloaded from App Store. Likely apps with native networking implemented (example: apps that use Foundation's NSURLSession).

Running an iPhone 7 on iOS 10.2.1 in China with frequent DNS hijacking happening before you even have time to connect to VPN, so rebooting the device would not be a sufficient solution.


Turn on/off of the Airplane mode in the Settings.app or Control Center makes it fast to flush the DNS cache.

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I had an iPad mini that wasn't flushing DNS when I tried turning on/off Airplane mode, nor was it flushing DNS when I tried turning on/off Wifi. I had also cleared the cache and cookies, but no cigar.

What worked for me was completely rebooting the device.

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  • Well, my question stated: "rebooting the device would not be a sufficient solution." – Cœur Mar 28 '18 at 2:04
  • VPNs and DNS hijacking are beyond the scope of your question, though. Better suited as separate questions. – zoltar Mar 28 '18 at 2:07

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