So my problem is the following:

At home I am connecting my MacBook Pro (macOS Sierra installed) to a second screen using the HDMI port. If I do that, and already have my mac running, on that second screen I have a new "Desktop" (i.e. in Mission Control) and all previously opened windows stay on the first desktop of my mac. This is the behaviour I like.

Now at work I am connecting with Thunderbolt. There, my "Desktop 1" gets transferred to the second screen, together with all my open windows, and I have a new empty Desktop on my mac.

So what I would like:

  1. Get a consistent behaviour, no matter how I connect to a second screen.

  2. Preferably, have the behaviour I get now when connecting with HDMI as default (i.e. the main desktop should always stay on my mac).

Anyone having experience with this?

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There is a product that should be able to fix this issue for you: Stay

From their website:

Stay can store a set of windows for every combination of displays that you use with your computer. Stay can also be configured to automatically restore windows as displays are connected and disconnected.

  • Thanks, I was actually hoping there would be a solution without additional software. To be clear: I don't need any functionality that goes beyond what is already working "out of the box" for HDMI connections, I just want the thunderbolt connection to be treated the same way... Feb 5, 2017 at 9:38
  • That's two different connections actually. One is HDMI and the other is DisplayPort, so it's two different monitor profiles.
    – Allan
    Feb 5, 2017 at 12:11

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