I Parallels Desktop version 12 I have a virtual machine named Cinquième. Note the accent on the e. That VM is running macOS Sierra. In that VM, when I open the Terminal.app, the prompt shows:

cinquième:~ basilbourque$


• Where exactly does bash in Terminal.app pick up the name of the VM?

• Obviously there is some kind of character encoding problem where Cinquième is being mis-interpreted as cinquième. I would guess the original name is in UTF-8 and is being misinterpreted as ASCII. Any idea where along the chain of Parallels > macOS > Terminal.app > bash that misinterpretation might be happening?


indeed it may have to do with the accent, try it without the accent. my VM is called "PD XP MBP-Lex.pvm" in the mac and in Terminal and not changed. Do you have the standard language keyboard? If not maybe opening the keyboard from the menubar and select the US-International-PC keyboard and use the displayed keyboard layout to make the accent-grave. Lex

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  • Thanks for trying, but this really does not address my Question. Typing an accent is not the problem. – Basil Bourque Feb 4 '17 at 16:09

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