I have removed my optical drive and installed a second SSD in its place.

To do this I partitioned the first SSD to hold macOS Sierra. The other partition was RAID0 with a second SSD. I seem to have my Recovery HD on disk1 instead of disk0. This causes my Recovery HD not to show up when the option key is pressed prior to startup.

YES, it is the option key for my 2010 MacBook, not commandR or optionR or anything else. This is verified. All that appears with option is the standard macOS

Here is my map with diskutil list:


But as you can see from the screenshot above, trying to use these solutions failed. Here is another screenshot showing that the answer of this forum failed.

failed answered

I would like to be able to use my Recovery HD because I need to change csrutil, which is not available for me to change via Internet Recovery nor Bootable USB.

Why do I want to change csrutil? So that I can modify my DVDPlayback file to read the DVD player I removed from the Mac, that is now in an external USB case.

I have already tried what's in the following:

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