I researched this all over and it appears that the Intel 600p is the correct form factor/spec SSD, but I can't find any references to anybody using it to upgrade one of these MBPs. The only drives I can find people linking to are the OWC Aura drives, which I've had heat issues with (on another laptop), and had 3 Aura drives fail that I had to RMA. So, I'm trying not to use OWC.

The only other topic on this site about this upgrade is pretty outdated and before the Intel 600p was available, so I'm trying to find recent info...



I've seen that both MCE and Transcend make drives to upgrade MacBook Pro/Air with PCIe SSDs. Here are links to the options, which are cheaper than OWC:

MCE - http://store.mcetech.com/mm/merchant.mvc? Transcend - https://us.transcend-info.com/apple/jetdrive/

  • Looks like the MCE drives are a bit cheaper than the Aura drives. The Transcend JetDrive unfortunately only supports up to 2013 MBPs. I wish there was a cheaper option, like the Intel 600p, since that's so much cheaper! Thanks. – Joe B Mar 10 '17 at 18:35
  • Although, since MCE charges $89 for the enclosure for your old drive, OWC's prices are a tiny bit cheaper, or almost equivalent if you look at their "Drive Only" prices... But, I've had SO many issues with the OWC Aura drives that I'm hesitant to save a couple bucks. ;) – Joe B Mar 10 '17 at 18:44

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