I'm running on MacOS with Sierra and I have a Windows VM running on Parallels 12.

I want to run an application that is installed on the Windows VM and I want to run it with arguments, in the same way that I can do it on Windows with cmd.

An example: I have an app in Windows VM called bestApp.exe that need two arguments like "bestApp.exe -r "C:\PathFolder\"

Looking on internet I found something here. The answer is quite old and I'm interested on the second approach but seems that I need the Pro version of Parallels to try it.

My question is: how I can run my app, on Windows-Parallels, from Mac with arguments? That approach is valid and, also, it is the only one?

EDIT: I found that I can open a Windows app from Mac running the "open" command on terminal but if I use "--args" to pass arguments it doesn't work...

Example. "open myApp.exe --args -blabla" open my app on VM but without arguments

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Install, configure and launch Bitvise SSH Server (Personal Edition is free but has some restrictions compared to the licensed server) in the Windows VM.

Launch Terminal on the OS X host, ssh to the ssh server and execute any command required.

I also tried PowerShell which allows Win2Win remote access after enabling it on the hosts, but the OS X version still lacks this feature.

  • Mmm maybe can be a solution. I hope there is something else more simple...
    – GiordiX
    Feb 2, 2017 at 8:21

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