I'm running on MacOS with Sierra and I have a Windows VM running on Parallels 12.

I want to run an application that is installed on the Windows VM and I want to run it with arguments, in the same way that I can do it on Windows with cmd.

An example: I have an app in Windows VM called bestApp.exe that need two arguments like "bestApp.exe -r "C:\PathFolder\"

Looking on internet I found something here. The answer is quite old and I'm interested on the second approach but seems that I need the Pro version of Parallels to try it.

My question is: how I can run my app, on Windows-Parallels, from Mac with arguments? That approach is valid and, also, it is the only one?

EDIT: I found that I can open a Windows app from Mac running the "open" command on terminal but if I use "--args" to pass arguments it doesn't work...

Example. "open myApp.exe --args -blabla" open my app on VM but without arguments


Install, configure and launch Bitvise SSH Server (Personal Edition is free but has some restrictions compared to the licensed server) in the Windows VM.

Launch Terminal on the OS X host, ssh to the ssh server and execute any command required.

I also tried PowerShell which allows Win2Win remote access after enabling it on the hosts, but the OS X version still lacks this feature.

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  • Mmm maybe can be a solution. I hope there is something else more simple... – GiordiX Feb 2 '17 at 8:21

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