i want to be safe from my child use my iPhone, what i have to do? To restrict my device running on iOS 10.2?


What exactly do you want to restrict?

You can restrict apps:

Settings > General > Restrictions > Select app.

You can restrict websites, content:

Settings > General > Restrictions > Allowed content.

You can set a Password:

Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

Or you can use third part apps that block specific content and apps.


You can also use the learning mode to keep your child within a specific app, like a puzzle or game that you allow it to play.

Settings > General > Accesibility > Learning

Enable Guided access. Configure a passcode Optionally configure Time limits.

Now open the app your kid wants to use/play, triple-click the home button - select the area that may be clickable - select the hardware buttons that are allowed (volume is a good one :)) - click start.

You kid can now only use that specific app, without leaving it.

To exit this mode, just triple-click home and enter the configured passcode.

I use this all the time with my kids (also on iPad).


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