Per the ffmpeg Capture/Desktop instructions using avfoundation to access input devices the FaceTime camera captures look fine:
ffmpeg -f avfoundation -i "0:none" facetime_cam.mov
...but using
ffmpeg -f avfoundation -i "1:none" screen.mov
...the desktop looks like this:

enter image description here

How can I use ffmpeg to capture my desktop?

ffmpeg 3.2.2
macOS 10.12.3

the folks @ ffmpeg suggested I "specify another pixel format" - so, I'll try and figure out how to do that. I am confused as to why the desktop looks terrible and the FaceTime camera looks "normal" without any specific parameters tho?

enter image description here

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    Have you tried using QuickTime to do it instead? It's not an answer, but a possible workaround. – NoahL Jan 30 '17 at 5:41
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    @NoahL whatTheWHAT?? swEEt! How long has this been a thing??? ...I guess since 2012: support.apple.com/kb/PH5882?locale=en_US Heh. – Mr. Kennedy Jan 30 '17 at 5:45

Per FFmpeg's bug tracker, I was able to ascertain that the source of the problem is specific to the default resolution of the Mac AirBook: 1366 x 768.

The linesize ... was 1376 ... but the buffer size was for a linesize of 1366.

After switching the AirBooks Built-In Display resolution, I am able to successfully capture a recognizable desktop movie:

enter image description here

To resolve this problem requires implementing a patch which I do not know how to do yet.

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