I'm pretty new with MacOS and Macbooks in general. I've been a unix user for a long time and right now I'm trying to install the patched powerline fonts to use with OhMyZsh, VIM and the like but I'm running into some issues getting it to properly work.

I've followed a couple different guides but I'm always getting the same error in that some of the special icons/characters show up correctly on the terminal while some others don't and that pretty much screws everything up.

Here's the latest guide I followed (and the simplest one): powerline/fonts and here's a screenshot of how my terminal currently looks like:

enter image description here

The fonts do seem to be installed as they show up in the font book.

Q: What can I do to so all icons/characters show up correctly?

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Fixed. It was me just being dumb.

Everything was properly installed and working but I realized that iTerm2 and the stock Terminal app were set to use a different kind of font so that's why it wasn't displaying some characters.

Going into iTerm2's settings and manually overriding the fonts fixed the issue.


I had this issue today, basically to enable the Powerline fonts from iTerm2, just go over to Preferences > Profiles > Text and check the box for "Use built-in Powerline glyphs".

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