the iPhone SE came out last March, and rumour is that it won't be updated this year. Will it likely see a price drop this cycle? Is it best to hold off till March to buy one?

  • Although its not certain without inside information I don't see this question as opinion-based; anyone with knowledge of Apples historical pricing approach can answer it. – MachineElf Jan 23 '17 at 15:52

Only Apple knows the answer to this question.

While one may think that Apple could lower the price it could in fact go up: Depending on the country you are living prices have been increased in the past due to currency fluctuations.

IMO it's unlikely that we will see a price drop for the iPhone SE. For Apple it's a device with a really low profit margin compared to other products. It has most of the iPhone 6s' internal specs so Apple is in no hurry to upgrade it either.

I think if you need a new iPhone because your old one is broken, buy it now.

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