Some time ago, I started having minor problems. The "least minor" was that shutdown took more than ten minutes. With an SSD internal and nothing external, this didn't seem right.

But when I used 'last' one day to check the timing of a recent session, I noticed that every shutdown was labeled "crash." So I decided to wipe and reinstall.

After reinstall, to avoid re-introducing any problems, I did not use migration assistant. I created all my user accounts fresh, and did a few app updates.

Before doing a backup of the new system, I used 'last' to see exactly when the install started (so I would know which backups to get old stuff from). To my surprise, every shutdown, including the ones done by the installer, was labeled "crash."

I know it did not always do this. Is this a "normal" change of some recent MacOS version? All the hardware except the RAM and SSD are Apple-refurbs with only five days of the warranty used. The RAM and SSD came from the old system, which Apple's in-store diagnostics said had no hardware issues. We did have to "repair disk" but afterward, it passed diagnostics and besides, I erased it completely before the re-install. Well, not completely—even though I selected the whole drive, Disk Utility saved the recovery partition.

So (tl;dr), is it normal for MacOS 10.12.1 and 10.12.2 to log a crash every time we shut down?

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