I tried to clean install due to issues with Sierra (wanted to revert back to old OS).

Activated erase the Macintosh HD, picked (like idiot I am) the highest erasure mode. It took 10 minutes and nothing moved... I thought I overdid, let's try again - forced shut down to begin anew. (Yes, I am an idiot...)

Opening Mac again using Cmd+R, Macintosh HD was now inaccessible. I tried to recover what I could, but it was gone. Somehow I managed to change it into Apple Disk Image I think - one of the four "disks" that appears when entering Cmd+R and going to Disk Utility. (Now I had two Apple Disk Images or whatever its exact name was)

I partitioned APPLE HDD and made new Macintosh HD, but that seemed to be empty.

Now I decided it was safest to just call a technician and had him install El Capitan back on and stop being an idiot.

Got my Mac back, it was like first time - appoint my admin user name etc. Those things Mac asks when you get it first time and make it yours.

I'd like to know: does this sound like clean install was done? If there was (doubt it, but just in case) malware or trojan installed, was it wiped out and system is now clean?

  • I think this question belongs firmly in the XY Problem category. It was 'clean' the instant you damaged the existing directory structure, even if you got bored & switched it off partway through what may have been a 24 hour process. Whether that means any fictitious 'infection' couldn't be hiding somewhere in the firmware is technically 'unknown'... though more likely imagined than actual. – Tetsujin Jan 21 '17 at 20:23

This was definitely a clean install, also known as an 'Erase and Install'. Any application or extension-based malware (or trojan) would be gone at this point; it was gone the moment you erased the drive. As for the theoretical firmware possibilities another user mentioned, those are highly uncommon and I wouldn't worry about it.

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